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Re: Sexual Harrassment in grade 8?!

It's awful that your daughter has to go through this If I were in your shoes I would almost wish to have a conference with this boy's parents just to be sure they are aware of my daughter's feelings. I have two boys so whom I homeschool but if the time comes that they must go to school I worry how they will behave.... I'm thinking of the sexual undercurrents in schools now and the knowledge and awareness that children have of sex at such a young age. Children are sexually active much younger than we were. Also their view on respect and proper flirting is skewed. Sex and harrassment is no big deal. I would just want to speak to the parents of course with the counselors present or principal or whoever from school in a very civilized manner to let them I am concerned for their son's future. What he did is not a nice thing and can lead him to worse behavior if they don't rectify it themselves. Sometimes parents are blind and think the system is picking on them or their child they turn into angry she-bears when their children are reprimanded by others...

Maybe if they knew it's not made up or imagined they would help this boy change his ways....

best of luck to you & you should be proud of your daughter for sticking to her ideals.
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