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Re: Dealing with pregnancy exhaustion and caring for littles

I completely and totally understand, from the anemia to the upset stomach as a result, to the lack of nap, I get all of it. There are times I am SO sleepy, I am actually falling asleep sitting up. The only difference is my oldest is 16 instead of 5, which does, on my most desparate days, give me some reprieve once she gets home from school.

Unfortunately, I don't have an answer. I am 2 weeks ahead of you, at 33wks today, and I am really just counting down the days...and giving up a bit. Right now, I am sitting on my butt on the couch, watching tv with my 4 yr old running around outside and my 2 yr old destroying something in the playroom. I have given up caring.

I DO try to make sure that I get as much as I can done shortly after getting up in the morning, so that I can say I accomplished SOMETHING before I sat on my butt all day.
Also, do eggs for breakfast as often as you can. I have more energy when I eat eggs for breakfast. If you can do it for lunch too, like some hardboiled eggs, even better. The protein can give you some energy and it does help with the iron too.
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