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Re: Dealing with pregnancy exhaustion and caring for littles

Floradix is available at Lori's in Henrietta. But it is cheaper other places but Lori's will have it on the shelf. It's wonderful but if you are avoiding iron (I can't take many iron supplements either), increase your vit C intake. Vit C will help you process the iron you do take in from natural sources better. Just doing that has often kept me from being anemic during pregnancies and I have a thalassemia trait which causes me to often become incredibly anemic. Chelated iron is also often helpful and tends not to cause the stomach issues.

I used to be really great at enforcing quiet time for everyone. Totally slacking on that now but think it will be reinstated soon. With just young ones, I'd honestly just gate them in a room, pop in a video and rest/crash on the couch for a hour in the afternoon. I've also been known to get pretty strict in the mornings about "No one my leave their bedroom until such and such a time" so that I can be sure I have some time in the mornings if needed. I know it's rough. Right now I am sick on top of pregnant but I have the two older ones who can help quite a bit (my oldest made a carrot cake today for me just to be nice) but when I just had younger ones pregnancy often meant paper plates, sandwiches for dinner, cereal for lunch, and frozen pizza because my husband traveled for work 3 to 4 weeks a month. It was rough. Are you willing to ask some of the local families you know with teens if someone would be willing to be a mother's helper for the last few weeks for you? Just to come in and play with the kids so you can nap? I'm sure there are few near you who would be willing to help.
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