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I went through the same thing and as a working mom, it was agonizing. It was so hard to concentrate at work knowing that my daughter wasn't drinking a drop. What finally worked was to create a completely different situation... We learned that if we sat her up on our lap with her back to us and used a soft tipped sippy cup (we used Nuk with a handle on each side and a clear soft nipple/tip). It had to be a completely different situation that nursing. We just held the sippy in front of her and let her see it and become interested. After playing with it for a few we put it to her mouth and she sipped a bit. We didn't push it. Within a day she was gulping pumped milk out of it. You could also try putting formula in the sippy instead of breastmilk at first and then slowly start adding breastmilk to the formula adding a little more each time.
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