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Nothing to really report here. Still traveling.

Has anyone had feelings like they were gonna go into labor early and actually do it? With DD, I expected to be a couple weeks late and went into labor on her due date (so no anecdotal evidence there). This baby, I swear, I feel like I'll be giving birth in March. But that's just silly right? Lol.

I mean, it's within the realm of possible even for full term since I'm 'due' April 7 (guesstimated my LMP cause I didn't really know, but only by a couple days).

Maybe it's cause my doula is going on vacation in March and my brain has fixated on it. I dunno, but I've been having early delivery dreams for weeks and just feel like I'm gonna go early.

Just silly thoughts

Left my family and now we're with the inlaws. Having to eat my own advice and just let it go that grandma was feeding DD fruit and popsicles when it was already past her bedtime. Thats what grandparents do, right? Lol. Ah well.

They are very excited that she's here. I do love seeing people love on my kid. we have a whole new host of habits to break when we get home, but some things I prolly just need to be more lenient about anyways.
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