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Re: S/O kids hair

Yes to all of them. My only rule is that they have to keep their hair clean and reasonably well groomed. I am willing to help with the cleaning and grooming where age appropriate but if they fight me daily I will cut their hair into an easier to maintain style. I think the main reason Tharen asked to cut his hair into a mohawk when he was 2.5 was because he hated having his hair washed and brushed, the clippers and styling did not bother him in the least. I am a little iffy on dying a young child's hair simply because bleaching burns. Tharen has asked a few times and I have told him what it entails, that I would have to bleach his hair and that bleaching can hurt. That usually causes him to lose interest pretty fast. I would do it if he wanted it badly enough to sit still through the process. I'm all for allowing my kids to do whatever they want with their hair.

Wild Toddler Hair Tharen

mohawk Tharen This has been one of my favorites for him and he wore it for a couple of years. I would let it grow until I just couldn't easily spike it then shave it down to about half an inch and let it grow again. He loved it.

Classic little boy cut on Tharen (this is how dh wore his hair for forever and I hated it on Tharen)

Just like Mommy's Oi (he wore this style for a long time and we both liked it really well)

And presently long hair that he intends to keep letting grow. He has been letting it grow for about a year and a half (the last picture was just after the last time I shaved his head and was taken in September).

I allow Kearnan the same freedom with his hair he just doesn't tend to exercise it. He has only cut his hair once since he was 2 and he hated it and never wants to do it again. I trim it every few months to keep it healthy but that is about it.

ETA: I have to admit there are styles I would probably discourage in my children, mullet being one of them but I let Kearnan keep his hair like James from Treasure planet for quite a while so it could happen.
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