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Car seat VS Less children???

We have a truck with three seats in front and three in back. We will not be taking any children older than spider-man who is four and 50 lbs.

Would you consider having four kids if you had to put one in the front seat of the truck or would you just take three and avoid the situation. I am really torn and unsure of the safety of the front seat.

The front passenger seat has a weight sensor but no true shut off. The child could ride in the middle but I have not found any literature on if the airbags pass over to the center seat in our truck.

So would you do more kids and put someone in the front or less kids so we don't have to put a child in the front seat?

For comfort and parenting reasons I wouldn't mind having four kids. It is only our vehicle situation that is standing in the way and we cannot afford to trade the truck in our buy another vehicle right now.
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