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Re: Nursing to pacify?

Thank you everyone, so much, for all the words of wisdom. I can't believe how many things happen everyday that bring a thousand questions to mind. I think I am more worrysome now than during the pregnancy!
I will definately be thinking my diet through more carefully. After reading through all the replies here, and speaking with someone from LLL, I now realize how much of what I eat goes into baby. I guess I just didn't do enough reading about breastfeeding while pregnant...thus I am constantly learning something new that I PROBABLY should have known to begin with.
I have a terrible caffeine addiction that I've fought throughout the pregnancy, and this past week I've caved and had two sodas. I'm definately NOT going to be drinking any more soda or caffeine, because I seriously have suspicions that it could be the culprit, or at least compounding the restlessness Emma has had these past few nights.

I will be looking for the Hylands gas tabs now. Thanks for that suggestion!

Chris, I think its great that you see a Homeopath. Unfortunately, here in the state of Tennessee, homeopath's are not allowed to practice (from what I understand) and other alternative practicioners are few and far between. I honestly hate that I have to take my daughter to an old school closed-minded Pediatrician...but it seems like thats all thats nearby.
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