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Re: 17 Month Old DS Climbing Out of Crib- What to do?

Originally Posted by mommy2sammy View Post
We are struggling with this too. Word of warning, dd won't stay in any bed now. It's a constant hellish battle. We also tried a sleep sack, but she manages to climb and walk in it. :-( no advice, but I share your misery.
This is exactly what I'm afraid of with the toddler bed idea. He loves to climb and is good at it too so I worry if he was in a toddler bed he would be climbing or getting into everything in his room. I would, like some of you have suggested, have to move almost everything out of his room.

Originally Posted by luvof3boyz View Post
Keep them in their cribs til 3! They love the security of it and my boys have NEVER, not once gotton out of bed. In fact at 7 we told our oldest that he could finally get out of bed himself. LOL

When my boys were starting to put their foot up on the side of the crib I firmly said No. I told them they could get hurt. They never tried it and never climbed out of their cribs. Now I am sure for some kids this would totally not work but it did with my kiddos. I would be firm and put them back to bed.

Just my humble opinion.
Normally I would try to establish that he can't do this with a firm NO but I haven't actually caught him do it yet. I just find him out of his crib. He's very quiet and sneaky when he does it, I had the baby monitor on this morning and still didn't hear him get it out. Mind you I am in the first trimester of pregnancy right now and am VERY tired so I may be sleeping deeper.
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