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Re: 17 Month Old DS Climbing Out of Crib- What to do?

have to go to the toddler bed. I'm wondering when this will happen to me, too DD was really cautious and knew (and didn't like) that she would fall. DS, I think he'd try it anyway.

At that point, he can hurt himself now so best to figure out how to make it work with him mobile at all times Promise, not too bad. Don't even need to move everything (I was sure DD would empty her closet and dresser and never did. Maybe an extra gate, maybe move a few things. It works- they all get there. Time to move to the big boy bed and you can have him help pack one thing for new baby (if he's old enough yet).

My DD would do her own thing but her bestfriend was in a bed early and was almost too afraid to get out! So one wandered and the other didn't. Never know!
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