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UPDATED! DVD's, Seinfeld, Board/Video Games, Bibles, Cookbooks, LP Records, Antiques

Open to offers or trades/partial trades for things I am ISO (see my trade thread). Will discount for multiple items purchased.

NIP Trivial Pursuit Digital Choice $10 $5


GBA game (works on DS) Zelda Link to the Past Four Swords Aventure E for everyone $10. DS game Feel the Magic XYXX rated T for teen $5

XBOX games:

NBA Street Vol. 2 $8 $5
R:Racing Evolution $5 $3

Video Game Consoles/Accessories:

Nintendo 64 system with power cord (no A/V cable or controller, reset button sticks a little) $25 $20

extra Nintendo 64 power cord (not pictured) $5 $3


I have tons of DVD's and some books not yet listed, prices vary, please ask if interested, most DVD's just $1-$2!

Christian DVD sets, $10 each, EUC - Footsteps of Christ: His Mission and Message comes in tin case, 5 disc set. The End Times: Bible Prophecy & Promises, 6 disc set.

EEUC Holman Apologetics Study Bible (Two Tone Leather cover) $30
VGUC Holman Apologetics Study Bible (black hard cover) $20

$15 NEW America Test Kitchen: Family Baking Book
$12 EUC Cook's Illustrated: The Best Recipe cookbook
$12 EUC Cook's Illustrated: American Classics cookbook

$10 VGUC The Cook's Illustrated Cookbook

Seinfeld Series DVD's - Boxed sets, $10 each $9 for 1, $1 off each additional! Seasons 1 & 2 (one box set - not pictured), and season 3 (seasons 5, 6 & 9 traded!)


LP Records (45's) most $3-$5
Grateful Dead, Willie Nelson, Paul McCartney, The Eagles, Foreigner, Yes, Blue Oyster Cult, and some compilation albums, just ask! Pic does not show all I have. PLEASE ASK IF YOU ARE LOOKING FOR A SPECIFIC ARTIST!

interlocking metal letter stencils (capitals only, missing B & I, some extras) $4 $3
box of antique unused red Crayola crayons $3 $2
men's antique razor (no blade!) $4 $2

3 silver forks (I believe these are plated, the backs read "xtra plate" $10 $9

Please respond here and PM. Thanks!
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