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Re: Knitters/Hookers/Spinners/Dyers -WIP- 7/28

Originally Posted by amberlyn87 View Post
Eek, is that sugar test the one where you drink the drink that tastes like an old yucky orange popsicle?
That's the one, not looking forward to getting that drink down though.

Originally Posted by TheLittleButtonBakery View Post
Another day of moving. Ill be glad when this week is over.

I hate the sugar test! The only thing worse was the iron shot in the butt
Good luck with your moving....there's a light at the end of the tunnel and you'll feel better when it's all done

I never had the iron shot...that does not sound like fun though.

And thanks everyone.....the test will suck, but if they find it I'll be thankful. Though it would be much better if they find nothing at all Oh, and I have the lab order and it states one thankfully it should work out nicely. I will be bringing something to knit for any down time.
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