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Re: Karo syrup and constipation question! HELP!!

Originally Posted by blessedmomof2! View Post
My mom watched her for me the other day and she gave her water with Karo syrup and she had a very big poop last night and she went again today. I did buy some prunes but have not given it to her yet. I think I may try giving her some water without the Karo syrup to see if that still helps. I am not too excited about her having all that sugar! I will also stop the rice cereal and start with the oatmeal. I was thinking of putting regular oatmeal in a grinder and cooking it instead of the stinky Gerber cereal. Has anyone done this and can share their experience?
Be cautious with giving a baby water...a little okay(ounce or two), but they really should not have much water as it can over hydrate them...diluting the minerals in their blood. The sugar helps with constipation because it draws water into the intestines. But, still I would avoid using this on a REGULAR basis. Like you said, it is basically pure sugar and nothing the baby NEEDS in her body.

Infant oatmeal has added minerals that are beneficial to your baby , mainly iron. This may cause it to smell or taste slightly different, I guess. I usually mix a little baby fruit with the oatmeal to make myself feel better about how it tastes and doesn't care!
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