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Re: Pacifiers? Bottles? Help, please.

Originally Posted by homebirthmom View Post
I was looking to bump this type of thread cause I needed to know whats new now...
Its been 2yrs since we used bottles. and our favs were avent. I used medela for storage.

NOW I boycotted Avent cause of the non BPA thingy (and they are saying there was NO recall) but also the price.

my son, was allowed a bottle till he was 2. for juice and breastmilk when I left for work or in the car.

now I am going with Mam and playtex airflow (wide nipples) but I also have a couple medela wide nipples. thinking about returning those tho.
We are still using breastflow and I just recently bought the 1st years mipump so i can actually pump right into my bottles. I like that these bottles require a semi-latch for the baby, but we do still use the #1 nipples b/c the #2's let the milk come out without him sucking.
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