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Re: Do I leave feedback?

Originally Posted by JulieM2GE View Post
So somewhat of the same issue... I'm not sure what to do. I purchased 3 dipes last Tuesday, seller said she would mail latest Friday. I got a DC email Sunday night so they probably went in the mail Monday morning. The DC said they were supposed to be delivered today Wednesday and they weren't with the rest of my mail. It bothers me that I paid for a diaper on Tuesday and she said she would mail by Friday and she didn't. I'm thinking of leaving neutral feedback as long as I get my diapers tomorrow. I will explain in feedback that seller didn't ship when she said she would. And I haven't heard anything from her saying why they didnt go out on time.
Did you ask her and she didn't respond? Or are you miffed that she didn't voluntarily offer an apology and an explanation for the slight delay?

Sorry, but I feel in this case your neutral feedback is unnecessarily punitive. I DEFINITELY felt that way in another recent case on this forum (not this thread).

Yes, neutral isn't negative, but it's kind of a slap in the face. I haven't received one here but when I got my first and only neutral on eBay it SUCKED, especially as I felt I did everything I could to please the buyer.

Many sellers tell buyers when they plan to ship, but things happen, and a 1-day delay - since Sat/Sun are not business days - is not at all unheard of (in fact, I'd say in about 70% of my trades, the other mama ships later than her first promised date). I don't make a fuss about that. A whole week, maybe.
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