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Re: I've shot myself in the foot (figuratively)...

Not the same at all but when my son had to change ps's he was in tears. He was going into first grade then. We did a few things that helped: played at their playground a little, took a tour where he got to check out their computers (he loves computers) and look around some. They had nearly everyone that he would have come say hello and they were all enthusiastic and made some jokes (my son loves cheesy jokes). They also have a helper in the morning who goes to the office so he got to do that right away. I brought our cat around the 3rd week of school and he was excited to show her off. I found other excuses to help with the class. The main thing that has helped is that with drop off and pick up I get out of my car and get to know all the other kids (most parents just wait in the car for their kid to come to them). Its helped me help my ds make friends. I started this because yds is non verbal and so I have learned that if you compliment kids that will keep helping my ds. But, it has worked really great with ods too. Now, my ods was still fairly miserable until April, lol. But, he has lots of good memories and even though he was in denial about it I could see him starting to adjust well.

I think hs is awesome! But, I could see where its not for everyone. Its something I can't do. I'm glad you had the opportunity
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