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Re: any restrictions/rules for kids' clothing?

Nope. ds1 picks out his own clothing at the store, it usually has a dinosaur on it. I pick ds2's clothing, but it's just normal 2 year old clothes. It gets in the 90s and 100s here so I'm 100% fine with no shirts on, and in our yard they are allowed to go out in just undies and in the pool are allowed to swim naked. At the beach they just wear swim trunks. They have sensative skin (red-head gene) so wearing a rash guard or shirts when it's hot can give them problems and make them itchy from the sweat.

ETA: If I ever had a daughter I'm fine with most clothing. No words on the butt, characters are ok if she likes them and picks them out (at about 5 years old), no baby bikinis but I'd still do a two piece for potty purposes (no belly hanging out), I'm totally fine with speghetti stap dresses and tops as I wear those too and find nothing sexy about them. Like the boys she's allowed to play in the yard with undies and swim in our pool naked.

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