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Morning! My you ladies are chatty, its only 6:15 AM here

Originally Posted by knibert
have to go to the surgeons appt today to check if he wants me to do the breast bx or not....I missed the last appt.

so tired. AF is coming.
Glad you appt. Went well. Prayers for a speedy recovery and quick, painless procedure.

Originally Posted by msuk2girl

Good luck.

Stupid b*tch....
ita. AF sucks nuggets!

Originally Posted by OrangeBananas

I have a little one staying home sick today, because he woke up with the 'goose cough', as my kids call it.

I started weaving in the ends of a few things I knit for Avery when she was still tiny. I need to get those things officially 'finished' before I can start something new. Plus, they will finally fit, so I am excited for her to wear them.
Yay for woolies for Avery! Sorry about the goose cough!

Dang...the rest of my mq went poof.

Erica- Thats a cute CitH episode! My boys love Shaun the Sheep and Wallace and Grommet for their knitting and sheep, lol

Dani- did you decide on a shawl? What CW you using?

Sorry if I missed anyone. Well, today's THE day! So excited!!! My appt. isn't til 3:30 so I'm picking up the littles from school early to meet DH at the fetal diagnostic center. He missed all of E's u/s so he's really excited for today. I'm off again today so I'll be sewing and hopefully finish my dang sweater...just have a cuff left.
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