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Re: Sleepy Saturday For the Love of Cloth

Originally Posted by wesevanmom View Post
Morning All....I am up so apparently not sleeping well. But not tired, hmm.

Anywho Enablers Alert:

Oh E is a total pill when it comes to changing. Just let him run around naky for a few minutes and then he lets us put a new dipe on.

BB got to go do peektures........
Very tempting but must buy Buffet tickets at 10:00 am. I wish I could get stalkers for that like with HC. It's a Sat show so tickets are gonna go fast. Me, BFF & BFF's boyfriend are all gonna try at 10. Wish me luck.

I would let R run around nakey but it gets him so excites he'll pee on the floor almost immediately. Not a big deal but I'm worried he'll pee on something that's hard to clean. He got so excited for bath last night he peed on the baby gate in the bathroom doorway.

We'll he didn't do too bad. I got a pf on him. I just need practice so i can be faster.
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