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Re: PF at night?

Originally Posted by Sarahbunny
No answer, just interested in others opinions. Oh and I just bought a fuzzi bunn with the insert and YUCKERS. Not for me. I think the feeling of the insert really bothers me personally. It's soft, it isn't that...just something about it against my skin gives me the heebies.

Anyway, I will just sit and watch the replies as I was wondering about this same question!
ITA! I can't STAND the feeling of microfibre inserts. They made me skin crawl. I actually hated everything about Fuzzibunz (and other pockets) me they weren't "natural" it was like a different version of sposies, KWIM?

I have used PFs at night successfully. It depends on how heavy a wetter your baby is.
Some things you can do to boost absorbancy are:
Line with a hemp (or thick OC) doubler (I've heard great things about Joey Bunz)
Use OC prefolds instead of CPF (my personal favorites are Fun Organic PFs from Cottontail Babies/Baby or Diaperware & the colorgrown ones from Tiny Birds Organics)
Top with a wool soaker (like an Aristocrat, Lana or thick WAHM soaker)
Put a wool doubler under the doubler (to help pull moisture away from baby)
Line the PF with a smaller PF (like use a NB/infant PF trifolded in the pinned/snappied premium PF, KWIM?)
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