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We went through this phase just recently! I nipped it in the bud by doing the following in a SAFE place -mostly meaning our sidewalk in front of the house. One side is our yard, the other side is a green space with houses across - ie no roads, no traffic, i can see her at all times.
- DD is loose, starts to run in the other direction
- i smile and say "ok bye bye" in a super cheerful normal voice
- i turn and WALK AWAY (still watching her if course)

Her reaction at first was PRICELESS! Sooooo confused... Aren't you supposed to be MAD? Wait, don't leave me!

That killed the run away instinct :-) and seems to have limited the sprinting/hiding in stores too. If she doesnt walk nicely on a streetsude sidewalk, or parking lot, she is carried like a baby. She doesnt like that.
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