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Originally Posted by 7 for now

I did have a csection. First time i had one and he was number 9. He was very stressed so that is why we did the section. His NST was ronreactive with his base heart rate about 165. Previously he was always about 125-130 for base. My temp was over 102. He stopped moving completely. The neonatologist said he would not have lasted another few hours. He was purple when born and had a high level of acid in his blood when he was born.

But he is 99% better in 12 hours! His repeat chest X-ray shied nothing in his right lung where last night he had some pneumonia signs. He has been breathing on his own since birth with only a nasal cannula. He is doing great so hopefully he will continue to do good!

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Love this update! Glad your baby is doing great!

For the op, its normal but if you keep leaking fluid get checked.
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