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Re: vaccine?! yes/no-how to decide?

We weren't vaxing (well we stopped after a few rounds) because I believe in the body healing itself, my parents got the mumps, measles, rubella, chicken pox (well I got that too)-and it was no biggie-they just missed school. Now we're selective delaying cause my sons body can't fight illnesses like before-just the flu can put him in the hospital (although we're not getting that shot). When a diabetic gets sick, they get ketones which are dangerous-they need insulin to fight that off, but we all know sick kids don't want to eat so then the insulin will make him drop low-it's a vicious cycle that I don't want to get into since I nearly lost him earlier this year.
I'm not blaming the vaccines on Tony's type 1 diabetes (juvenile diabetes-that's an outdated term even though I support the jdrf). We have a family history of it before all of those vaccines were introduced, it's like a crapshoot in my family of who gets it-go figure it's the only kid in this generation who eats healthy, never got prescriptions, and only had a few vaccines!

Anyways, Just to put it into perspective, my grandfather who went through the whole polio epidimic doesn't believe in vaxing, I sometimes wonder if he got vaccinated since he lived out in the sticks growing up. After all this, unvaxed kids don't scare me around my son-it's their parents choice to not do that since I've been there. Actually I panicked the other day at the playground cause I saw a mom pull out a bunch of those fact sheets you get at the docs after being vaccinated while her boys were playing. I grabbed Tony and left!
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