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Re: Bullying at daycare

It sounds like you did well! Good for you mommy!!!

My son was the victim of a bully on several occations when he was younger. He's the kind of kid that would just take it and not say anything. It's like you can push him - but only so far. On 2 seperate occations he snaped and did some real damage to other children. He gave one boy a concussion by hitting him in the head with a metal Tonka truck. On another occation he just beat the mess out of hte kid (in front of the kids mother).

It was only when he was questioned did we discover that it had started out a bully situation.

Anyway - all of that to say I hope that your kid (or some other kid) doesn't get mad and beat the snot out of this bully.

But it sounds like the situation is under control for now.
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