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Re: Do you ever wonder "what have I done?"

You betcha mama!! I've been there! I was there this morning actually!

Sometimes, all I can do it just set him down some place safe and walk away for a few minutes, it really can be the best thing for both of you when you're at that breaking point.

My son is getting his jollies right now by slamming his head into the floor when he doesn't get his way. I feel really bad for him, but he's doing it for attention and to get his way so I have no idea how to respond when he does it. He hurts himself and he cries terribly (sp?), but I don't know what to do. Its SO frustrating to me and I just have to walk away for a minute.

My son is 19 months and it seems like they go through stages of being easy and being hard again, at least IME! Riley's being hard now because he's getting into that toddler mind-set, he was easy a few months ago and difficult before that, so I guess it just comes and goes.

Mama, I hope that it gets easier soon!! We've all been there.
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