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Nipple shields? And when does the pain go away?

For the most part, DS has a good latch, but my nipples are huge compared to his little mouth (he's 6 days old), and my boobs are freaking huge. I have a hard time getting everything at the right angle, etc... One of my nipples has a tear near the base. It does not look like it's getting better. It looks like it's getting deeper. I found my nipple shield and tried that, but it's been long enough that I don't know if I used it right. When I use it, do I still angle my nipple towards the top of DS's mouth, or do I just pop it straight in? I tried the angle, but there was no way I could get it in his mouth. If there had been someone else doing it (or if I had another hand), I probably could have. Plus, DS was less than thrilled w/the shield and didn't want to nurse. I would like to try again b/c I am at the point where I bawled the last time I nursed him. I'm debating giving up nursing on that side at the moment and pumping to see if that will help it heal. The thought of nursing on that side again makes me want to cry. I really, really hate this.
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