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Re: Nipple shields? And when does the pain go away?

Thank you! I ended up pumping my left side last night. It still hurt when I nursed him this morning, and when he was done, I could see that the crack was larger, plus there is a second longer crack. I don't think I can bring myself to nurse on that side again for a while. I talked to my LC this morning, and she said it's alright to exclusively pump that side while it heals. Now I'm worried that increased nursing on my right side will make things worse for it as well as I've noticed the beginnings of a crack there too. *sigh* I successfully used the nipple shield in a FB hold at our last nursing. It still hurt, but I didn't have to "breathe" through the nursing session. I hope my milk supply bumps up soon b/c he didn't get enough last time.

I talked to my LC this morning.
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