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Re: FL/TL Washer - Can't decide

BTW, my aunt was told at the repair shop they frequent that the repair guys do NOT like to work on Boschs. They said they were pretty good machines, but getting them fixed would be hard.

We recently went looking for new kitchen appliances at a very longstanding, reputable appliance shop and I asked about the Bosch dishwasher. (B/C I had seen a sign at Lowe's saying they were "rated #1 by a leading consumer magazine" for several years.) The salesguy there told me the same thing my aunt heard, and that he was not recommending them to us specifically for that reason. We live 1-1/2 hours apart and were not talking to the same group of salespeople/repairmen.

He said he did not like the LG stuff at all. (Oh, this salesguy had been a teacher at a technical school appliance repair program for many years.)

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