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Originally Posted by nicumama View Post
My 32 weeker (now 2years old) had the Synagis shots her first year. I was sent a letter from the NICU where she was born detailing RSV and the Synagis shots. Her Paed was able to get it in his office and she got it there. She didnt seem to have any after effects from the shots. My feeling, better safe than sorry especially with RSV and preemies!
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We didn't vaccinate until after age 2 for both preemies but the youngest qualified for and got Synagis. My middle daughter was a 34weeker who got RSV at 39w GA and ended up hospitalized and incurring lung damage. She was very very very sick. I would not hesitate to do synagis if my child qualified.
Was there a specific reason you waited until after age 2 to vax? DS is 15 months (13 months corrected). I have heard mixed information regarding preemies and the regular vax schedule. I've debated waiting until after 2.


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