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Re: The great binky dillema

Studies show that binky use does not cause any dental damage or malformation unless heavy use continues till adult teeth are coming in (usually around 5-6 years) before that binky use is fine. Now if a child over uses it during the day it may lead to verbal delays, but even those are minor and quickly outgrown since it only stops them from practicing speaking, not from learning new vocabulary and receptive language.

All that to say that there really is no good medical reason to take the binky away at 1yr or 2yrs or even three years. It is probably worth while to limit daytime use to only moments of extreme stress, and other than that put binky away in the bed for use at sleeping times. And yes most children will give it up on their own when they are ready, no need for parental pressure. But as parents we feel pushed to take it away because we think people judge our children and in extension us when they see a toddler or heaven forbid preschooler sucking on a bink. Kearnan gave his up on his own at almost 2.5. I had no problem with him continuing to use it. Tharen is weaning as we speak. We did put some pressure on Tharen to wean from his paci only because instead of sucking he was chewing it and he was chewing right threw them, wich of course isn't safe. WE took away his prefered brand and gave him a different one which is harder to chew apart. As a result he is giving up the paci, but because he still needs to chew and suck he is now thumb sucking. I don't really care either way to be honest, wether thumb or paci, but I know that thumb sucking is harder to curb later when it could cause dental problems. BUt I didn't feel like we realy had much other option at this point. I can't risk him choking on a piece of chewed off paci.
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