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Re: The great binky dillema

Originally Posted by calideedle View Post
Who believes in breastfeeding forever? I dont see 30yr olds nursing BFed babies have binks too, its not a non-BFed issue

It must be late, did I read all that wrong?
LOL.....I didnt mean literally FOREVER.. I mean extended longer than a year. I AGREE with it though. I believe its a Beautiful thing that a mama could and would BF her child for as long as the child wants and *needs* that comfort.
But I obviously didnt mean forever --LOL--I get this version of a college student coming home to nurse Sounds like a SNL skit..LOL...

But I do understand they *believe* extended binks messes with teeth, BUT I guess I just don't fully believe that though. My lil brother used his binky until 4 and bottle until almost 3 and he has the straightest teeth in the family.
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