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Originally Posted by MrzP427

See this is exactly how i feel. I just cant talk to her at all about it. No matter what I say she ignores me so Ive been trying to stay in my apartment as much as possible until I can move. She keeps asking why I dont come over and I keep telling her that Im busy. I lie only because theres no having a conversation with her.

So off topic but I still have some diapers and Matching Fleece shorties you made for both my sons back in 2008. I just cant seem to part with them lol
Why lie? Tell her you don't come over because she refuses to abide by your rules for your children, and until she can have an adult conversation with you and accept the fact that YOU decide what happens with your kids and not her, there will be no visits. If she starts to argue, say it's not up for negotiation and hang up. Either she'll change her act or not see them or you.

Normally I'm not for the ultimatum route, but her behavior is unacceptable.

ETA: FTR, I live 50ft from my mother, if even that, and the only way I keep my sanity is by putting down my foot over the big issues.

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