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How many children?

If you only have one/will only be having one:
What made you choose that, and why?
What do you feel are the benefits to having only one child

If you have more than one child:
Do you feel they take attention away from each other
How did you know when your family was complete?

DD is 16 months, and the perfect toddler. Her dad is coming home from deployment sometime in Dec, and wants to have another. Besides the obvious of he has no idea what being a parent is like (he left when she was 4 months), and the financial strain it would put us in, I'm not sure I want anymore children.
I love my daughter, and she is getting into the fun/active stage. If I were massively pregnant, I couldn't be down playing with her all the time like I am now. I want to spend all my time/resources on one child and know they are getting all they deserve from me, instead of worrying about splitting between two or more
I'm also in school, and have another 3 years. Another baby would mean dropping out again.
On the other hand, I do miss having an infant (sometimes) and would like to take another crack at BFing and have the opportunity to CD from birth, and Rannen would love a younger sibling.
So I just wanted to get some thoughts from mommas of singles and multiple children to see how it differs
Mom to DD9, DD4, and cautiously expecting in May
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