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Re: How many children?

Originally Posted by Haulin5 View Post
Well, I am a SAHM of 5. We do run a business out of our home and I do pretty much all the work of that while DH is working a day job. I always wanted a big family and I told DH from the beginning I at least wanted 3 children. He comes from a family where it was just him and a brother. Me, I have a sister and a brother. I know everyone is different but I could never have just one. Everyone says you can't afford more than one but then on the other hand, who can afford just one anyway? My BIL and SIL just have one and only want one. Like I said, with no disrespect, everyone is different. I think having them close is tough in the beginning but I think of it as I am giving them a best friend for life. I have had 5 children in 10 years. It is hard while you are pregnant but that only last a few months compared to a life time. I know the school factor is a issue for you and I have never had to do that. I guess you have to decide if you were going to be a working mom or a SAHM to help you decide. If you planned on staying home while they are little or what not then maybe getting your schooling done could be put on hold for now. I guess you just have to go with what your gut is telling you. I hope I helped in a way.
The best friend for life factor is what's making me think I need to decide fairly soon (in the next year or so) if I want more. I have 4 younger sisters, one is 10 months younger, one 4 years, one 10 years, and one 13 years. I look at all our relationships and it's actually the one 4 years from me that I get along with the most, but we were never really "friends" growing up.
As for school and finances, the military will move us every 2 years or so. The last duty station we were in didn't have my program (studying to be an interpreter for the Deaf) so I'm trying to get it out of the way while we're in WA. It's been a challenge. I have to deal with fin. aid and grants for childcare (1500 for the quarter for one child...we only made 19,000 last year...which is why the financial aspect is so daunting), not having a car, and dealing with someone else having my child 4 hours a day.
I was in daycare full time for the better part of my childhood, and I don't want my daughter living that way, but I am hoping to be out of school by the time she's in pre-k so I can work freelance and be home when she gets home from school.
Another child would mean delaying that significantly, paying for daycare for two, etc etc.
And to think, DH wants 4! Lol
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