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Transport vehicle ISSUE!!! :(

x-posting from the carseat forum because I have to leave really soon if I need to get the kids myself...

Okay, I am 36 weeks pregnant, so I am sitting here sobbing. Please tell me this isn't as bad as I think.

My two foster babies just got picked up to go to their DSS visit together (usually they go separately and I don't even leave the house). Today, I offered to help get the two infant seats installed. The vehicle is an old minivan, and the seatbelts don't lock. I freaked out and asked her if it's always like this, and she said yes. She had two forward-facing seats installed in the back row with seatbelts too, and they weren't lockable either.

What do I do? What could I have done? She was in a big hurry and said it was fine and she would have it "looked at". I didn't want her to drive away, but there was nothing I could do. Should I go down there and transport the kids home?
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