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Re: Transport vehicle ISSUE!!! :(

Originally Posted by macmemo View Post
this happened to us the one time we had fdd taken to a visit. I was worried sick about it and took her myself every time after that. It really sucked because the visit was an hour away but all the transport vehicles I have seen are like this. She was only 14lbs and they had her in a ff seat that appeared to be 20 years old and the seat belts were how you described When she came home she had ashes all over her because the driver was smoking in the car and it was all blowing back on her. I would say call your caseworker and see what she says. Then call dhs or whoever supervisies the visits. I would be shocked if they do anything though. Maybe you can send their car seats with them next time but that wont help with the seatbelt issue. Sorry I know first hand how stressful that can be!
THAT is terrible and would never happen here!!! I'm disgusted! I am someone who transports kids if necessary and no one seems to be looking at what you use, but everyone is required to go through a car seat safety class.

OP, I have no advice. Can you call someplace and get a bunch of locking clips? That would make them safe.
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