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Re: Transport vehicle ISSUE!!! :(

I'm not sure if it was an issue or not. but it may not have been as bad as it seemed.

My vehicle does not have locking seat belts like when you pull belt all the way out and the lock back. It is older minivan. I was freaked out at first and used locking clips. But then I read my vehicle manual and carseat manual and looked online, I found that I didn't need them in my vehicle. The seatbelt clip side with metal actual has what is basically a locking clip so belt doesn't slide freely and belts lock when you hit breaks.

All my car seats are installed rock solid no wiggling and we check often they don't loosen up.

So this is my ... it may not have been as bad as it seemed. If you got them in tight and the buckles have a locking slide it may have been a okay install.

But I have seen CW and visitation supervisors transport children in very unsafe seats and installs. I had this one visitation supervisor never even buckle in the infant seat. When I'd meet her to do the exchange it would be sitting sideways in the car with baby strapped in. I reported her so many times to CW that she finally lost her job.
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