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Re: Transport vehicle ISSUE!!! :(

When I worked in child welfare I pitched such a fit that my supervisor got us new seats but they were worse/crummy tsheild ones (she tried and I give her credit for that) than the ones that we had so I took one, washed it to keep in my car. They now have training but honestly I don't think the workers put that much time or energy into it which is ironic given what they are doing for a living.

Personally, I have told foster parents (and parents) to call me and refuse to allow kids to go with improper car seat use but I was always very anal to the point, I'd take groups of people (foster & biological families) to the inspection site and we'd all learn together (which was far less threatening for some reason). I was constantly reinstalling seats in our agency cars, bringing the covers home to wash, etc. What I've also told people is NOT to use the agency seats and if you can install yours better, tell them that the child needs to ride in their seat and will be more comfortable and insist on yours. I'd always use a families seat over an agency as kids are more comfortable in their seat and I trusted it far more than any agency seat. I'd call the supervisors/department heads as they may not even know this is an issue too!

And, I probably would never let my child ride in a car with 80% of the workers... you are far better off transporting.
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