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I would have your pedi dr review the current test results & see if they can tell you more about dyslexia and if they think that is what he has.

If he's already receiving services (and it sounds like they really have covered their bases with him, which is great!), I guess I'm not understanding putting him through further testing? I had 1 child tested with in the school & 1 tested privately & it showed the same information & type of diagnosis.

I do understand what you're saying though. My oldest has all the symptoms of dyslexia (among other things) & her diagnosis is Specific Learning Disability. I don't know 100% if she has dyslexia but not knowing specifically hasn't caused any problems (she is 18 & has been receiving services since elementary school) when it's come to the help she has received. Anyone who she's received services from has reviewed her testing & that was all the information they needed. A specific label or lack of didn't make a difference one way or another.
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