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Originally Posted by Shaylee
Well, I am hoping that all wool is not the same because I have a pair of interlock longies that I bought new and lanolized, but when I draped it over my arm, it felt prickly. I had DS1 put his arm through the pant leg without telling him why, and after half a minute, he said it was itchy, so I never put it on the baby. I am holding out hope that there is a super soft brand that will work for us.

Baby's skin is perfect right now. I am nervous mess around with wool and irritate him. He gets itchy around his belly and ankles.

I have thought about trying disana, but hesitate to invest too much in wool that might not work for him. Does disana feel irritating on your skin if you put your arm through it?

Maybe someone else has some suggestions.
You could wash it in conditioner and possibly soften it up.
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