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Originally Posted by Pampered Mama
That is so tough- for your and especially for her- I'm sorry they are giving you a hard time about nursing. She is still a baby, IMO. She may not *NEED* bf for nutrition at this point, but bf is sooo much more than nutrition. It is her rock, her something she can turn to in her times of stress. It is a good thing- and you are doing a wonderful thing sticking up for her rights. Kudos to you! It is now recommended to continue breastfeeding until 2 years of age- so if the experts agree it is good- that should be good enough for the therapist- who first and foremost should have the best interest of the child come first- and in this instance, IMO, that includes encouraging you to continue BF per WHO guidelines!

ETA: My DS nursed until 3.5 years, until HE was ready to stop- it was a gently tapered weaning over many months- I hadn't even realized it was happening until I looked back and realized he had not nursed in several days!

I have to say, even though he is 4 now, he still so young. I think kids these days are expected to grow up way too fast and be on someone elses timeline!
I totally agree that bf is way more than for just nutrition I just wish other people would get that. Of course, her father says if I want to keep bf I can pump and he'll make sure to give it to her...ughh not the point! I thought the therapist would agree with me about the bf so I feel a little let down by that. I am definitely going to try and make the transition as long a process as possible to help YDD transition better. It's definitely not going to happen in a year.

That's awesome that you were able to have a breast feeding relationship that long with your son! I hope to go for as long as YDD wants to. And I definitely agree that everyone expects kids to grow up entirely too fast. I think that the schedule is a bit much even for my 4 year old.
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