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Re: boobs, beds, and babies

Originally Posted by lovewool View Post
I started a new routine with my first around that same age, around 18 months. I couldn't handle the newborn waking habits for nursing all night anymore. I needed some "me" time at the end of the night as well. So I started working towards night weaning him. First step was to stop allowing him to nurse to sleep at night. Easiest way to do it was to build a new routine. I let him nurse until I knew he had a good amount, then told him "milkies are going to sleep, no more milkies, milkies go bye-bye." LOL. And then we started a new routine of laying on the pillow together and me singing to him until he fell asleep. Once he accepted that, I worked on the night time nursing. I would prepare him for what to expect before he fell asleep by saying milkies were going to sleep until it was light outside in the morning. When he woke to nurse and started crying, we would repeat the laying on the pillow and singing songs bit for a while - it was in a pain in the butt to wake up to sing to him for a few days but it didn't last long. We did that until I was just able to remind him that milkies were sleeping until it was light out when he would wake and then he would quickly fall back asleep. He eventually got it and started sleeping through the night. I never left him to CIO, the whole process took maybe 1.5-2 weeks. I wished I had done it sooner!!!

ETA: The younger/sooner something like this is done, the easier it will be! The more verbal they are it seems the harder it is to change a routine, I have learned!
Good advice....and as pp have said, I second the no-cry sleep solution book. We will be transitioning with some of these techniques when it is time.
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