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Re: Typical 7 year old behavior? Arguing about EVERYTHING???

Originally Posted by MamaNae View Post
LOL! Sounds like something mine would do!! "I'm not arguing, I just said the wheel looks perfectly fine to me."

I may have to try this...I'll just keep repeating it when he does the above and argues with me that he's not arguing...

I've had to pull that with him and his sister...she'll say something off the wall just being silly, and he has to correct her and she gets ticked off because he's ruining her 'game' and then he gets mad because she's arguing with him and I just want to scream. I keep telling him to just LEAVE.IT.ALONE...if DD wants to say the sky is purple and there are cows zooming down the road on pink and green skate boards to just say "Okay..." and leave her alone.
Oh my goodness mine do that too!!
DS-My shoes have rockets in them so I can fly!
DD- No they don't, people can't fly! Mami! Jaime's lying!
DS- No I'm not! Mami! Jesenia's being mean!
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