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Re: what do you allow your 8 year old to do??

No, my 8 yr doesn't do any of that stuff. She'd like her own camera and I do allow her to use ours accationally. If we had the money for it, I'd get her one of her own. She's very responsible and would be fine with a camera.

She has no interest in a cell phone. Probably has no clue what texting is - dh and I rarely text. She is always with us or another trusted adult with a phone so we see no need for her to have one of her own at this time. None of her friends have a phone and none of them call each other at all yet.

Dd1 has no concept of body image yet. She is very skinny but doesn't identify herself based on her looks yet. Neither does she pay any attention to others looks yet. And boys are still icky to her - she says she's not going to start dating until she's 27.
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