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The GMDs are sold! I have 2 fitteds left, 1 WAHM newborn size and 1 kissaluvs size 0. (They are the top two in the picture) I am asking $20 ppd for both. Thanks!

I also have some ecobaby organic cotton fitteds. They say "infant" size so they are supposed to be one size I guess? They do look it, they don't have a snap down rise or anything, it's just a fold over. Even though these don't have any hemp or bamboo, they are THE most absorbent fitted I have (that's without any of the inserts). It takes my son 2 pees before these even feel wet on the outside, so they work really well for going coverless. They are also not hard to wash, like say a Bumgenius elemental is. These do have pretty relaxed elastic, but I had no problem keeping in my sons ebf poo. These also have a wide rear so they would fit well on chubby babies. Even so, they are fairly trim on my son who is 13lbs and thin. One of the smaller inserts has a small spot of light staining (it won't show up in pictures) but nothing else is stained. I am asking $30 ppd for the 3 diapers and 6 inserts, but offers are welcome.

I have 2 recycled woolies that are beige with snowflakes 1 is a longie and 1 is a soaker. These are soo cute, my LO has just outgrown them. I am asking $30 ppd for both and not willing to split them at this time. I wouldn't mind keeping them for another little one, so I won't go much lower on price but try me. The front of the longies are pictured and the back of the soaker. The longies have the snowflake all the way around but the soaker only has it on the butt $30ppd for both

I have 14 hempbabies raw silk liners. They are 24.99 for a set of 12 at cottonbabies. There is no staining, holes, tears etc. They are "firsts". I'm asking $25 ppd for all 14, or make me an offer, thanks. My pictures didn't turn out, the coloring looks really weird when I uploaded them, but I can post pictures if anyone is interested.

I also have a hemp doubler that I will sell with any other item for $3

Or take liners and hemp doubler for only $26ppd!

Offers are welcome on anything. I always discount for more than one item purchased, and will give huge discounts for several items. If you have any questions or need more pictures please ask!

I also have a lot of ISO:

ALL GROVIA SOLD/TRADED I have 2 (third one sold) grovia AIOs in vanilla and snap closures. There is no staining, the only issues are some micro holes in the leg and back elastic that only go through the very first layer of fabric (there are many layers). These are organic cotton inners, and polyester TPU waterproofing on the outside. They are one size. Grovia's come with a snap in additional soaker for each diaper, and even though they aren't pictured here I *do* have them and will send them with the diapers. I can also take pictures of them if anyone wants them. I am asking $35 ppd for both. Thanks

These are the worst of the holes, but they all do have small ones:

Inners (they all look the same):

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