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Re: What would you do?

I am so sorry! I am sort of shocked by that "rule." I CD fulltime, both my boys are very allergic to sposies, and there is NO way I would use a disposable diaper! I guess if it were me I would decide if I wanted to contact whoever leads it and discuss it with them, something like, "I CD fulltime and we do not use disposable diapers at all, so if I really can't bring my CDs I can't come." Not in a rude or confrontational way, just matter of fact, and see what the response is. I can't imagine they would want you to not come due to CD! But if they did then for me I wouldn't want to go anyway.
This is just my 2 sense and I am not pregnant, maybe I am hormonal, LOL, but I find it very offensive!!!
Sending a hug your way!!!
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