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Re: Pumping While Breastfeeding?

As far as returning to work, for me to keep my supply up, I always had to pump at least three times for a full time day for 20-25 minutes, even if that was more often than my LO ate at home. Watch how much you get and see what makes a difference to see what your body needs. If I let it slide and they got far apart, skipped a session, I could see the different in the amount of milk I got later/next day. Babe usually helped me recover by nursing a bit longer on the weekend if needed. For me relaxing made such a huge difference. I could close my eyes and take a deep breath and it would immediately come out faster. Some people may be able to work during pumping, but it wasn't time efficient for me because I wasn't relaxed enough. Also careful with green tea and antihistamines--both cut my supply quickly.
I get that you need a supply to get started/for emergencies... but I had good luck by pumping on Monday and using that fresh milk for Tuesday. Tuesday for Wednesday, etc. Fridays I froze for Monday. You will need some extra for growth spurts that could happen on a weekday. I second what others said about pumping in the morning for extra stash.
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