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Re: Little Lambs AIOs

I looooove them! They were a bit bulky when I first started CDing because I used the OS/AIO's. So when looking at a little two month old... yeah, they swim in the dipes, but you can adjust the rise.

The prints have the tendancy to wick but the OS solid colors are GREAT.

Jen shut down her ebay business.... bad practice ethics and I can surmise that enough complaints brought her down. There is a thread here about it.

If you're interested in buying one or two to try out, there is a woman on ebay that is selling four of them and her starting bid is $9.99... that's not a bad price for four and she told me they are brand new with off white interior. Or you can find some others on ebay that are selling one or two to try out. (speaking of ebay... I'm going to see what the bidding is up to now on those four...)

good luck! you'll find lots that love them and lots that hate them... there is no inbetween on these dipes!
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