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annoyed..dumb ob alert

So my sister is fixing to turn 18 next week an is pregnant. She called me yesterday to ask me about being in labor.

She told me he's head down an engaged an dilated to a 3. No idea if she's effaced. She's been having contractions every 10 min off an on for a week. So she asked me about water breaking an helping things along an when to call the hospital. bc her doc has told her nothing.

Her ob has given her 2 different due dates, but has never done a second us to determine where he's growing since then. The dates are Dec 24 and Jan 1. Well at her last appt he said well since both those dates are holidays why dont I induce you on Dec 20 so i don't miss my holidays. I almost dropped the phone!!!! I said don't you dare let him. I explained why and she also told me that he said if she ended up at hospital for false labor theyd induce bc she's so far along.

Ahh!!! These ppl are induction happy!! She is preggo with her first an is progressing fine, let my nephew come when he's ready!!
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