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Re: Stuck in Funky-town - laundry help needed

Step #1: Strip

Step #2: Tide.

Natural detergents are fine for regular clothes but for peed-in and pooped-in cloth diapers that have been sitting for over 24 hours need something stronger to cut through that and get them clean. Make your life easier, please use Tide. We have been using cloth 100% of the time and have never, not once had stinkies.... And we've only ever used Tide.

To strip.... Turn up your water heater for the next day. Fill up your bathtub full with HOT water. Put all your washed diapers in, shut the shower curtain and the door to keep it hot and let those babies soak all night long; every couple hours swish the diapers around. In the morning take out half and do a quick hot wash followed by a long hot long wash with 2 cups of vinegar. Next.... Put a packet of RLR in and Tide original powder (try to always use the powder, it rinses out easier) and do a long hot wash, followed by another long hot wash and an extra rinse. Then do the same with the other half that is soaking in the bath tub. It seems like a lot, but you gotta get that stink out and you need lots of hot water to do that.

After that, wash every other day, wet bags are fine, but wet pail your night time diapers. When you wash:
1. Quick cold rinse with 1/2c vinegar (the vinegar neutralizes the pee and makes your diapers easier to clean)
2. Long hot wash with Tide to the one line
3. Quick warm wash with a cap of Ecover

Every six months or so I do a nighttime bathtub soak routine above--- as a preventative. Stay ahead of the stinkies and they will never catch up with you. Using a front loader and cloth diapers requires a little extra work, but in the end I wouldn't trade my front loader for anything, LOVE IT!
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